Sunday, May 24, 2009

Singing Time

Today at church they didn't have any speakers for Sacrament Meeting - apparently everyone who was asked to speak suddenly developed plans for Memorial Day weekend. ;)

So since they couldn't find speakers, they decided to have a musical Sacrament Meeting. They let members of the congregation stand up and tell a little about their favorite hymn and then the congregation sang a verse of the hymn.

It was wonderful! I loved singing so many hymns and hearing the stories people had to tell about why a hymn was a favorite. It was a wonderful and very spiritual meeting - I was even less annoyed by my misbehaving children than usual. I hope we can do it again sometime!


Mistaken said...

I enjoyed that too. I've never been in a Sacrament meeting where they did that. It was beautiful. It was hard to pick just one hymn as my favorite.

Cara said...

How to pick a favorite hymn? They're all great!