Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blessings from Heaven

A little bit of back-story on this post... My sister-in-law's nephew was born recently with a rare leukemia-like disorder and they have been going through a lot trying to figure out what's going on with him, how to help him, etc. A very scary situation with your newborn baby! They recently sent out this update and story about everything. I was so touched by it that I wanted to share:

Dear Family and Friends,

First of all, we love you and thank you so much for your prayers and fasting, and faith. We cannot express how grateful we are to you for those kind acts. It means more than you could know. Hopefully this email will give you a taste of the miracles we feel have come about.

Brigham was in Primary Children's Hospital from Wednesday (June 3rd) to Sunday (June 7th) to try this new Chemo medicine, Gleevec. The medicine didn't settle in Brigham's tummy at first and he threw half of it up for two days right after we gave it to him. Then, the third day he took the whole dose without any problems. That day his potassium went a little high. So they watched him for another day and he was just fine!! He has done so well with the medicine. It couldn't have gone better. He didn't show any signs of Tumor lysis syndrome which is what they were watching him for. (That is when you break down too many cells, too fast and your kidneys can't tolerate it.) So, we were very blessed.

Doug, Brigham, and I were invited to attend the Devotional Luncheon on the 9th of June. The devotional speaker happened to be President Henry B. Eyering! So, we had the opportunity to eat lunch with him and the University President, and their wives, and a few other guests. We went around the table and introduced ourselves and then had the opportunity to ask President Eyering some questions. I only had one question on my mind. So, I was the first to raise my hand (very timidly, I might add) and said, “I’m a little hesitant to ask this, but my son has a rare leukemia-like disorder and I was wondering if you could possibly give him a blessing?” (I had a hard time saying this because I was pretty choked up). His response was immediate, “Absolutely. We will find a way to do it. Brigham is already special to me. You couldn’t have asked a better question.”

The luncheon continued with delicious food and more questions were asked by many people. Immediately following the blessing we were invited to step into an adjacent room. President Eyering stood up to address his other guests and told them, “I must leave you now. I need to give the baby a blessing.” He explained that he had learned from President Monson that he would leave a thousand people to give one person a blessing. He said “I must do this NOW” and excused himself.

The blessing was an immense comfort. We know that if we have faith, Brigham will eventually be healed and this disorder will not cause his little body any pain. After the blessing President Eyering held him for a brief moment and Brigham was smiling SO BIG! Sister Eyering pulled me into a big hug and told me that she would pray for us. President Eyering told Brigham over and over and over, “I love you, Brigham; I love you, Brigham; I love you, Brigham.” It was a very special experience.

We have had two Doctor’s appointments since with our Oncologist here in Rexburg. Brigham’s blood counts are beginning to normalize!!! His white blood cells, which were extremely high, are now normal. His red blood cells and platelets, which have been very low, are slowly climbing. We have noticed a huge improvement in Brigham. First, his bumps and spots are all going away! Then he is the happiest baby! He doesn’t seem as irritated with little things anymore. It’s like there is no more discomfort in his body and he is now able to be a normal, very smiley, happy baby!

We know that the power of the Priesthood is real. We know that Heavenly Father watches over all of us. We know that prayers are answered and we have faith that we will continue to be blessed. We thank you again. I hope that this email will help you to see how thankful we are for your faith and prayers. We hope that you will build your faith and testimony from these experiences from our little Brigham. We love all of you and thank you!!!!

Love,Sharlene, Doug, and Brigham.


Cara said...

Tara, thank you for sharing such a special story. What an amazing experience that must be to have a member of the First Presidency give your child a blessing. Wow! I am so grateful for the priesthood, and no doubt little Brigham's parents are, too.

Send them all my love.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing an inspirational experience of hope and faith. Faith can move mountains! I hope and pray that he continues to do well.

Tera said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. As a mother, I can only imagine what an amazing experience it would be to have a member of the first presidency not only hold my baby, but also to bless him. Then to have him tell my baby that he loved him would just put me over the top. I can't think of anything more amazing except Christ himself holding one of my children. Thank you for sharing this letter.

Carolina Mama said...

Thanks for sharing the story. We'll pray for you all. And hey, I had popped over to tell you you won the Kohler Showerhead from Designer Plumbing! :) How cool! Let me know your info so they can send it to you. And the CEO Owner is from Delta, Colorado. :)