Monday, June 22, 2009

Wonderful weekend

It was a good weekend for our family. It started off with a great girls' night out for me! Even though Aaron had been home with the kids all day on Friday, he didn't blink an eye when I asked how he felt about me going straight from work to Nicole's house to hang out with the girls for a few hours instead of coming home to help with the kids. I went and had a great time. And even though I got home about an hour later than planned, he was just fine with it. I've said it before, but he is a really great guy!

It was a bit of a domestic weekend... I did more cooking than usual. (If you're interested in the recipes, I posted them on Katie's Recipe Swap blog, where I'm a contributor.) I made a Wahoo Green Sauce to go with shrimp and rice bowls. It turned out that I made way more than I needed, so I also served the green sauce on steak roll-ups and baked chicken over the weekend. It's delicious on everything we tried! I also found a great recipe for artisan bread (the kind that's dense and chewy with a crunchy crust) so I baked bread from scratch. It was actually pretty easy. Aaron and I liked it a lot... the kids not so much. They wanted the store-bread instead.

In the midst of all the cooking, I also managed to get out storage shed almost completely cleaned out. The house... no. The laundry... no, not that either. Maybe next weekend.

Instead, the kids and I got presents ready for Aaron's Father's Day. The first one was kind of cheesy - based on an idea that a friend sent me:

But he can take the cheesy picture out and use the frame his kids made for him! It's in a frame with little rocks glued all over the outside edges. As a rock collector who actively encourages our kids to like rocks, too, I thought it was very appropriate!

We also got Aaron some books, a gift certificate to have his car detailed (after taking it on a few family road trips, it is badly needed and seemed much appreciated) and a GREAT new tie. Those of you who saw Aaron at church on Sunday may have seen him bravely wearing the paper tie covered with colorful sparkles, pom-poms, and googly eyes that Haley made for her daddy (with help from Melissa).

When Haley asked him to wear it to church, he was a good sport and a great dad and wore it out in public. I have a picture, but I have been forbidden to post it on the blog! (Of course, he didn't say I couldn't e-mail it out, so I can send it along if you want to see, just let me know ;) )


Tera said...

Oh man, I so want to see a picture of him wearing that tie!

Druciana said...

I did see him with the tie. What a good sport.

Mistaken said...

I didn't get to see him. Email me the pictures.
haha, funny story. This morning as I was making sandwiches to take to Water World with us, Haley says, "my mom makes homemade bread and it was hard. One time it was so hard that it broke my tooth". I laughed and laughed. Was she talking about the artisen bread you made this weekend? hahahaha

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great weekend. That Wahoo sauce sounds fabulous. I love anything Wahoos.

taradon said...

I'll have to e-mail the picture as soon as I can find my camera. It has mysteriously disappeared since I took the tie pictures...