Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smoke Follows Beauty

I think this is the last of my reunion nostalgia posts - I won't subject you to much more. Of course, once I get back from reunion, you'll have to hear all about this year's event!

One of the downsides of camping is the campfire smoke. It stings your eyes, it makes you cough, it clings to your hair and clothes. And you can't get away from it. If you're sitting around the campfire, sooner or later the wind will shift and blow smoke in your face.

In our family, when you cough or complain about the smoke in your face, someone is sure to throw at you - "Smoke follows beauty!"

What are you supposed to say then? Protest that you're not pretty enough for the smoke to follow? You just have to laugh and put up with it until someone else becomes beautiful enough to attract the smoke. ;)

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Druciana said...

You can tell as many stories as you want. They are fun to read.