Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

What's working for me this week is cooking WITH my kids, not FOR my kids. It seems like I'm constantly struggling to get my kids to eat dinner. Sometimes they'll take one look at the dinner I fixed and declare that they don't want THAT. Very frustrating for me!

I've learned that if I involve them in cooking dinner, somehow the same dish is SO much more appealing to them. Once they have some ownership in the cooking - adding ingredients, stirring, and so on - they like the end result a lot more. So when we cook together, they eat better.

I know this, and yet somehow I am always forgetting it. So off I go fixing dinner and feeling annoyed that the kids won't leave me alone for a few minutes to cook. Then later feeling annoyed because I can't get them to eat what I cooked.

So this week's WFMW is both a tip and a resolution. I'm going to try harder to involve my kids in cooking with me - I think we'll all be happier about dinner time in the end. It worked very well with my kids last night. Maybe it will work with your kids too...

(or maybe I'm the last one to figure this out and all of you have been doing this all along!)

That's what's (hopefully) working for me this week. For more WFMW tips and tricks, check out every Wednesday!

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Druciana said...

Wow! I didn't realise that actually worked. When my picky eaters help me they like the attention and the helping part, but they still won't eat it. lol