Friday, July 17, 2009

Yellow Squash

Growing up, I never liked squash. Even as late as college I had some and didn't like it. But last summer I tried it again, and suddenly I love it!

You just slice it thin and sautee it in a little butter or olive oil. As it cooks, add salt and pepper and just a bit of brown sugar. (I've never measured the amount, I just take a healthy pinch from the package). It doesn't make the squash sweet, but it somehow carmelizes and makes the squash brown up nicely. It tastes so good. I would make squash with dinner every night if I could!

I planted some squash plants this year specifically so that I could have my own supply of yellow squash and be able to make it for dinner several times a week. Unfortunately, my garden did not thrive this year. The peas and carrots and strawberries I planted never sprouted at all. Of all the squash seeds I planted (and it was quite a few - I really wanted a lot of squash) only two plants came up. And on those plants, only one lonely blossom. So maybe I'll get a squash by the end of the summer. In the meantime, I guess it's off to King Soopers and the farmer's market for me. Maybe next year's garden will be more successful!

(And if you have extra yellow squash in your garden, I'll gladly take it off your hands! ;) )


Tera said...

I too love squash. We had it in our garden two years in a row and enjoyed it's harvest. This year we didn't plant any and we miss it. I just hate the quality of it at the store and it is so expensive too. Next year, it's back to the gardening!

Mistaken said...

hmmm. You'll have to let me try some. I didn't like it the one time I tried it. I'm not a vegetable fan

Druciana said...

The way you describe it, it sounds good. I have only tried it a few times. Although I don't remember if it was a texture or flavor thing.