Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Visit to Berry Patch Farms

On Saturday the kids helped me clean the playroom and earned a reward - a trip to Berry Patch Farms. This is a farmer's market near Brighton that also lets you go out and pick some of your own produce.

We started by saying hello to the farm animals that wander around:

The roosters were crowing, even though it was mid-afternoon. Haley kept telling them it wasn't morning anymore, so they should stop! Preston and Brekken were trying to imitate the sounds.

The pig is named Bacon Bits, which made me laugh. Haley preferred to call the pig Fatty Fatty Pig Pig.

Next we wandered through the store and the kids picked out vegetables that they wanted to take home and eat. I found some yellow squash for myself - you know how I love yellow squash!

Then it was time for the real fun. We got to ride in a wagon towed by a tractor that took us out to the raspberry fields. This was the highlight of Preston's day, since he loves tractors. Brekken seemed to enjoy it, too.

Haley and Preston had a great time finding the raspberries and picking them. They were extremely proud of themselves for picking SO MANY!! (It amounted to less than a pint, but hey, they thought it was a lot.)

Preston very much enjoyed eating the raspberries later at home. Haley refused to try a single one. :rolleyes:

If they help clean up this Saturday, I've promised we can go back - they're opening the strawberry fields for picking. Haley loves strawberries, so she's very motivated to earn another trip to the farm!


Druciana said...

Great motivational idea! A lot better than me giving my kids chocolate if they are quiet enough during sacrament meeting.

Serenity73 said...

@ Druciana.ha ha ha so by the time they are teenagers, they will be super quiet with chubby little chocolate tummies!!
Wonderful pictures of your gorgeous kiddos :-) Maybe I can bribe my kids to clean the basement.

Mistaken said...

That is a great idea! That is a fun place. I haven't been there for awhile.
I think chocolate after sacrament idea is a great idea too. I might try that one as well.

taradon said...

At my house, the chocolate after Sacrament meeting is for me! It's my reward for making it through. ;D

Tera said...

When school got out I had a list in my head of things I wanted to do this summer. This was on my list of things to do but I had totally forgotten. we go every year and I almost forgot...but thanks to you I will remember to make it!