Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Camera Catch-Up

I got all of the pictures off the camera - I had to empty it out so as to have room for all the upcoming Christmas pictures. :) So I thought I'd share a few moments from the last couple of months.

When we went to Utah for Thanksgiving, we took the kids to see the dinosaur museum in Vernal. I've visited the old museum many times - it seems like we had a couple of field trips there every year when I was in school. But a couple of years ago they moved the museum into a fancy new building and I hadn't been there since the move. And I'd never taken my kids. (*gasp* As a former resident of Dinosaurland, that's almost unforgiveable!) ;)

There's a brontosaurus skeleton in the main lobby.

The kids are dwarfed by the giant skeleton.

They enjoyed searching for "fossils" in the interactive exhibits.

This is the first year that the kids really got into decorating the tree with me. Usually it's just been me by myself. (Aaron is also not into decorating the tree.) It was fun to have them help me this time. Amazingly, no one has bothered the presents under the tree. I really thought I would have problems with Brekken trying to tear into everything.

Apropos of nothing... I just found it amusing that Brekken insisted on using a spoon to eat his toast. :D

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Melissa said...

Fun to see some pictures! Merry Christmas to you all.