Thursday, December 3, 2009

Worst. Gift. Ever.

I was reading an article listing some of the worst gifts people had gotten over the years and thought I'd share some of the most amusing.

I think my worst gift would have to be the no-slip socks I got in an office gift exchange. They seemed like an okay gift (if a little strange) until the gift-giver informed me: "I got those when I was in the hospital for surgery. But I only wore them once and I washed them before I wrapped them up." Ooooh, how nice! Just what I was hoping for!

What are the worst gifts you've received?
  • Does a toilet plunger count as the worst gift ever? I think it probably does...
  • For my 13th Christmas (1984), I received three cans of Aqua Net hairspray held together with duct tape from my dad. I love him anyway.
  • When our three girls were very young I received a large plastic garbage can wrapped in newspaper! It did have a large red bow on top.
  • A pink satin high heeled shoe, filled with rocks. Allegedly a door stop. Thanks, Aunt Mary Jo. You're the best.
  • The worst Christmas gift I received was an almost empty box containing only 3 bags (instead of 12) of tea that had expiration dates showing that the tea had expired several months before.
  • My grandmother ... gave my sister this beautiful leather jacket and top of the line baby clothes ... she gave me a box of black hair dye. She said, "Red is such an ugly color for hair. I know you were born with that deformity, but at least you can fix it and have beautiful black hair like your sister."
  • My mother-in-law ... sent presents over ... I received a small sample bottle of hairspray, two wicker coasters and a sample pack of two maxi pads! The look on my husband's face Christmas morning was priceless!
  • A half of a pack of tube socks from my great aunt.
    My dad got the other half.
  • My grandmother gave me an inflatable combination steering wheel cover/hat. That's right. You inflated it and put it on your steering wheel, and then when you get out of the car, you can put it on your head. Honestly, it was the most bizarre gift I've ever received.


Mistaken said...

hahahaha, my heart goes out to the lady who's grandmother gave her hair dye. :(

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

I'm sure there have been some things I've gotten over the years that have been head-scratchers, but I honestly can't remember.

I do remember though about a tacky gift I gave someone once, so maybe I will make the list for someone else :-).