Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quick Funny

As we were driving home last night, the radio announcer said that the previous song had been by Barenaked Ladies. Haley laughed and laughed at the name of the band. :)

When I explained that not only were they NOT bare-naked when performing (at least not that I've heard!) but that the band was full of men, not women, she told me:

"The should be called the Clothes-On, Not Bare-Naked Boys! I think it's a catchy name for a band. :D


Druciana said...

Hehe! I used to play the BareNaked Ladies CD, "Snack Time," all of the time when I was wathcing Haley. I guess when listening to music geared towards kids, I didn't even think of telling the kids the name of the band.

Melissa said...

Well, she's right! I always thought it was a very strange band name.

Rachael M said...

Oh, we love the Snacktime CD. We just tell William that the band is called "The Ladies." Not ready to have him talk about anything BARENAKED in Public! ;-)