Friday, December 18, 2009

Zoo Lights

On impulse, we decided to take the kids to see Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo. It was a school night and we hadn't eaten dinner yet, but we didn't care. We loaded up the kids, swung through a drive-through for chicken nuggets (easy to eat in the car) and were on our way.

It was a LOT more crowded than we thought it would be - you know, being a school night and all. Apparently the other parents were letting things slide, too. =) But it was lots of fun. Haley and Preston loved all the lights, especially the moving animal light sculptures. Brekken really didn't seem to care, so he mostly just rode in the stroller and seemed a little bored.

We saw some people making ice sculptures - that was pretty cool to watch. We saw Santa from a distance but decided not to wait in the long line to sit on his lap (since the kids already saw him on Saturday). Some of the animal exhibits were open, too, so we saw elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, lizards, snakes, fish... All of the kids seemed to enjoy that part.

We took a ride on the zoo train. We figured it would take us to see some light displays we wouldn't be able to see otherwise. We also figured it would last longer than 2 minutes. So we forked out the $2/person to ride the train. We were wrong on both cases. Plus the train seats are made of metal. When it's around 30 degrees outside, metal seats are COLD. Just a little FYI - if you go to Zoo Lights, don't bother with the train!

I had also told the kids we could buy hot chocolate. But it turned out to cost $5 for a cup of hot chocolate! For one cup! We just couldn't bring ourselved to do it. Luckily the kids agreed that a cup of hot chocolate at home before bed would work just as well.

The lights were beautiful. I wish I had remembered to take my camera, but in the flurry of suddenly rushing to be out the door, I forgot it. I did get some pictures on my phone. Unfortunately, most of the photos looked like this...

A couple of them kind of turned out okay. Really, you just need to go see it for yourselves! =)


Arwen0725 said...

We did the zoo lights too on Saturday and loved it! We did it as a date night though and had fun looking and singing to the songs and dancing. It was nice to act like a couple of kids :)

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

Whoa, those are cool light sculptures. Was that an octopus and turtle?

We have zoo lights here, too. Will have to check them out while my sister comes for visit.

Melissa said...

Fun! We've never done the zoo lights, but I know the kids would love it.