Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Preston's Questions

In the same file with Sounds from the Roadtrip (yesterday's post) I found a list of questions asked by Preston. Only some of them, because as I recall, this conversation went on for almost as hour as we drove. As soon as we came up for an answer to one question, he had another one to ask! This particular line of questioning was inspired by seeing a police car sitting at the side of the road:

  • What if the police fall asleep in their car?

  • What if they’re too tired to drive home?

  • What if they don’t have any friends to come get them?

  • What would happen to the car?

  • What if a police was friends with a bad guy?

  • What if a bad guy killed a police?

  • What if you know a bad guy and know he’s killing police – do you have to make it a secret?

  • What if you don’t know the policeman – can you talk to him?

  • What if a police had to arrest another police?


Andie said...

Love the questions kids come up with! Can be so tricky to answer them all though.
Good luck! :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What wonderful questions! I love the thought and feelings that went into them.

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