Friday, June 24, 2011


Last day of work today before heading out on a week of vacation! We're taking off for Utah on Monday to attend a couple of family reunions.

We'll go to Aaron's family reunion first. We have rented a big house that can hold all of us (grandparents, 4 kids and spouses, and assorted children). We're looking forward to seeing everyone, taking the kids to the zoo, and just relaxing a bit. As much as is possible when you have 4 kids to take care of, anyway!

Then we go to my family reunion. This is my huge reunion that I have reminisced about on the blog a time or two. I just LOVE going to this reunion. It's a highlight of my year. We were a little worried earlier this month that there would be a snag in the reunion plans. There has been a LOT of snow in the mountains this year. And 2 weeks before the reunion, the road to the campground was still closed because of the snow!

But as of last week it is open. But very muddy (the boys will love that). And I have to wonder how much snow is still hanging out in the trees. I may be feeling glad that we're not camping, because it could be a cold, soggy year at Iron Springs.

Regardless of the weather, I can't wait!

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Tera said...

Oh, I love your family reunion stories. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Has it really been a year since the last one? Time goes by way too fast these days. Have fun!