Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Road Trip Story

Another prompt from Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop. Today's prompt is to share a memorable road trip story.

I don't know how memorable this is, but I had my work laptop with me on our last roadtrip. And after we got home, I found a file on the desktop. When I opened it, I found that I was apparently making notes about the trip as we drove. Here it is, exactly as I found it. :)

Sounds from the road trip

whisper mumble whisper giggle whisper (Haley talking to herself in the back seat)

snuffle squirm whimper (Rylen trying to decide whether to wake up and scream for dinner and a snuggle)

rustle wiggle giggle smack!* MOM!!! (Brekken and Preston playing in the far backseat… which inevitably turns to fighting and shouting, with Haley generally joining in at some point)

AARRGH! (the silent – and sometimes not so silent – screaming from me when all of the above gets to be too much. Remind me again why we do road trips?)

*As a side note, doesn't "Rustle, Wiggle, Giggle, Smack" sound like an excellent name for a children's book? :D

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