Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Quick Funny from Brekken

As annoying as he can be in all his 3-year-oldness, Brekken is a pretty funny kid. He's always saying stuff that makes us laugh. Or at least makes us go, "Whuck?"

He loves to tell us about long, convoluted "dreams" he has had (generally magically inspired by a conversation someone else was having) that always involve some crazy and improbable occurences. They're very straneg, but entertaining.

The latest thing he's come up with is to categorize injuries. If you refer to an "owie" on his elbow, he'll correct you and inform you that it is, in fact, a "boo-boo."

Because I kept getting it wrong, I had him lay it out for me last night.

A big injury such as a big bruise, bump or cut. It may involve blood. It generally requires ice packs, bandages, and a little rest time before returning to play. Seemingly small injuries may be upgraded to boo-boo status if painful enough. (For example, a small paper cut would not qualify in terms of size or blood, but could sting badly enough to be called a boo-boo.)

A mid-size injury. A small bruise or bump. A scratch. Generally does not involve blood. May require a bandaid or other first aid from a psychological perspective only.

A small injury. Can usually be fixed with only a hug and a kiss to the afflicted area. (And no, I have no idea where the term "con-tron" came from. Brekken came up with this categorization of injuries all on his own and just informed us that the smallest injuries should be known as con-trons.)

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