Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weird Rumors about Mormons

My boss, Elly, comes in occasionally with weird rumors she’s heard about Mormons and asks me to explain. Today’s came from a co-worker of her husband (Tom). The co-worker told Tom that Mormons believe that after you die you go through a hole in the moon to a special planet that is hidden behind the moon (that’s why astronomers don’t know it’s there). All the faithful Mormons will live together on that hidden planet. This explanation came complete with pictures of the moon used to show Tom precisely where the hole in the moon could be found. (Tom thought that it looked like just another moon crater, but didn’t like to offend his co-worker by saying so.)

I told Elly that  this gentleman had obviously been attending different Sunday School classes than I had! Am I way off base here and I’ve forgotten an important element of doctrine? Or is this guy a bit of a whack-job out there giving Mormons a bad name? Yikes.


MJ said...

Sounds like a whack-job to me. :)

MJ said...

A hole in the moon? REALLY? Because we don't have satellites out in space WAY PAST the moon? YIKES.

taradon said...

I know - talk about bizarre. I do love that Elly asks me about these things, though, instead of just believing that I'm such a whack-job as to believe that stuff!