Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random Thoughts About the Zombie Apocalypse

I've been reading a series of zombie books this week, which of course kicks my overly active imagination into gear. As I was walking out my front door into the dark this morning, I had to do a quick scan - you know, just in case there were any zombies lurking.

The logical part of my brain reminded me that there is no zombie apocalypse. And the paranoid part of my brain pointed out that the first wave of victims never knows it's coming. The zombification has to reach critical mass before the news is widespread (by which time it's generally too late to stop the wave). If we were at ground zero for the infection, we wouldn't know it yet.

Which led me to wonder... Is it better to be taken out early or to be a survivor? If you're a survivor, you have the benefit of, you know, surviving. But you're living in fear. You're running from and fighting off zombies all the time. You're probably low on essentials like food, water, electricity, and Facebook access.

Whereas, being a zombie is probably fairly stress-free. Sure, there's that pesky craving for brains, but you no longer have to worry about paying the mortgage, holding down a job, cleaning the house. All those can go by the wayside, allowing you to focus on the search for more brains. I tend to think that if zombies think at all, it's just kind of a foggy awareness that they're hungry. But nothing else seems to bother them, even terrible wounds that previously would have incapacitated someone. See? Low stress.

Overall, I've got to think maybe you're better off to just go down in the first round of attacks. Now that I realize that, I guess I don't have to be nervous about zombies outside my door anymore. ;)

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