Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halloween... finally

Okay, so I realize it's almost Thanksgiving now. But the last month has been a bit hectic. I did finally have a chance to upload our Halloween photos, so here they are, if a bit late!

A couple of days before Halloween, we had a big snowstorm. This is our front porch with the snow piled high. It's just wrong to see Halloween pumpkins covered in snow like that...

The day before Halloween - Preston was in the hospital. Looks so sad and pathetic. :( But later that day he finally rebounded and was able to go home on Halloween. Of course, since he was in the hospital on Halloween, he got spoiled. Several people brought him special gifts and treat baskets to cheer him up. They were wonderful at Children's Hospital!

Even though Haley was the only one who got to go trick or treating (Preston was released from the hospital about an hour earlier and Brekken was still ill as well), everyone wanted to at least dress up at home for Halloween. I took Haley trick or treating around the neighborhood and she was kind enough to share the loot with her brothers.

Brekken kept pulling off his mane, but he was a cute lion anyway!


Tera said...

Cute halloween costumes! It's a shame the boys were so sick they couldn't go anywhere and show them off. Glad everyone is feeling better.

Druciana said...

Very cute! I'm glad your family is doing better now. It is a shame that it had to happen at Halloween time especially.

Melissa said...

Well, for what it's worth, it was a Halloween you will remember for a long time! Cute costumes.