Monday, November 30, 2009


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We got to go visit my family this year. Thanksgiving with my family has always been one of my favorite things, and since we got married we've only been able to go a few times. Weather always seems to be a problem. But this year the weather was beautiful and we made the trip there and back with no problems. Yipee!!

I got a little girls' night out with my sisters when we went to see New Moon. For you Twilight fans who haven't seen it yet, it's better than the 1st movie! We had a blast. I say girls' night out, but my brother-in-law actually went with us, too, and we were happy to have him. :) We love Brian, and he really enjoyed the movie (as opposed to suffering through it for his wife's sake, which is what would have happened if I had dragged Aaron along). Thanks to Aaron, Boy, and Mom for watching all the kids so we could go out!!

I loved getting see my parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, assorted cousins. We had more than 60 people there for Thanksgiving dinner - and that's just immediate family (Mom's brothers and sisters with their kids and grandkids) and with several families who weren't able to make it this year! Staying up late to bake pies, getting up early to start the turkey, getting everything set up and ready to go at the church, letting all the kids run wild in the gym, stuffing ourselves with all the good food and of course all the pie. Such happy memories. I loved it all. Can't wait until I get to do it again!


Melissa said...

Sounds like a blast - any pictures??? New Moon was so much better than Twilight, glad you enjoyed it. I haven't spent a Thanksgiving at my parent's house in about 12 years, I miss it.

Tera said...

I agree about New Moon, it was Amazing! Um, hello? Did you see Jacob? I wasn't a Jacob fan before, but I'm starting to reconsider.

I love your kind of Thanksgiving holiday. It sounds busy and perfect!