Monday, November 9, 2009

In No Shape for Blogging...

I feel like I haven't blogged for so long! I've just been so busy with sick kids and then feeling so rotten being sick myself that I was not doing much on the computer... just checking in on FB every so often.

The family is all recovered now. I'm a little bitter about Aaron, considering he got sick several days after me (Wednesday) and by Saturday was all recovered. Meanwhile I'm STILL feeling rotten. I came to work today and was here all of 10 minutes before my boss started trying to send me home. I am going to go home early once I can meet with an assistant and get her going on some stuff that has to get done. I need to get in to the the doc again and get more meds... pretty sure I now have a sinus infection. Which they did warn me was pretty common with this flu - adults especially tend to come down with a secondary infection of a sinus infection or pneumonia as they start to recover from the original virus. Obnoxious. But given the choice, I'll take a sinus infection over pneumonia!

I'm pretty sure my in-laws are coming tomorrow or Wednesday. They haven't said for sure, because they want to be sure the sickness is good and gone from our house before they come. I'm not contagious anymore and I promised to Lysol the heck out of the place before they get here, so I hope they are coming. We're supposed to go see Wicked on Thursday and we've been planning on them babysitting. It's much more of a pain if we suddenly need to find someone else. Of course, if they decide not to come at least I won't have to rush to get the house cleaned up. We did clean the kids' room over the weekend (Read: Aaron and I cleaned while yelling at the kids to come help us) and it looks really good. The rest of the house... not so much. Oh well, I'll deal with it when I find out if they're coming, I guess!

In the meantime, I'm just feeling in no shape for blogging. I haven't got energy or imagination for a good blog post right now. I hope to be back to my blog-happy self very soon!

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Tera said...

I am so sorry to hear that Aaron got sick too. That had to be hard to take care of the kids with both of you not feeling well. I'd be bitter too though if JP got better quicker than me. Although, if you look at the bright side, if he's feeling better and you aren't then maybe you get to lay in bed while he takes care of the kids! In that case, maybe it's better he feels better sooner!