Sunday, November 22, 2009

We don't smoke because God says so!

We were running errands on Saturday morning and the kids saw a lady come outside for a smoke. They were appalled! Haley wanted to me to lower the car window so she could tell the woman she shouldn't be smoking. :) I told them that would be impolite, because she got to make her own choice about smoking.

The kids then proceeded to give me a detailed lecture on why she shouldn't be smoking. I'm not sure where they learned it all, but they told me:
  • There are chemicals (can-sickles, in Preston-speak, tentacles in Haley-speak) in cigarettes. I find it amusing to picture actual tentacles in cigarettes. :)
  • Chemicals are bad. They make you want to smoke ALL THE TIME. (emphasis Haley's)
  • You'll get sick. Then you'll have to go to the hospital (hop-sickle). "The hop-sickle is not fun!" Preston informed us. "They poke you with sharpies." I assume he meant sharp things, not actual Sharpie markers, but it's a funner mental image than needles. :)
  • From Haley: "The prophet said we shouldn't. And he said so because GOD told him! So we don't smoke because God says so!"
  • From Preston: "Yeah, we have to do what God says or we'll be in big trouble! Maybe He will spank us!"

Made me laugh. But I'm glad they're getting the right messages! Hopefully they will remember this stuff when they start to be rebellious teenagers and think it might be okay to start smoking.


Mistaken said...

haha, that is so cute! I think it's a lot more effective if they do something because God says so rather than just their parents say so.

Cara said...

That is a great story. Your kids are so smart!