Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Camera Catch-Up

Just a random collection of photos I found the last time I downloaded pictures from my camera...

We took the kids to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It's always fun watching them explore and have fun!

Brekken is a goofball who for some reason thought it was funny to run around with Preston's pajama pants on his head. You know, up until he ran full-speed into a door because he couldn't see where he was going!

I'm not sure why they were showing off their forks. As I recall, there was nothing unusual about the silverware. This is at Cattlemen's Restaurant in Oklahoma City. There was a very nifty mural on the wall behind us.

Also in OKC, they had painted buffalo statues all around downtown. Kind of like the painted cows we have in Denver during Stock Show season. The kids loved looking for the buffalo and decided they needed a picture with this one.

They started off tucked neatly into bed... but shortly afterwards everyone was sprawled all over. I find it amusing that even the stuffed monkey is sprawled out on his stomach!

Haley apparently got hold of my camera at some point, since I discovered this series of pictures she had taken of herself!


Pam said...

So fun! I love the monkey too.

Cara said...

We love the Denver Childrens' Museum, too.

The pictures Haley took of herself are pretty funny. Even more funny that you didn't know she had taken them!

Melissa said...

Wow - Haley really knows how to work it!

Tera said...

I love the pics of Haley. What a great time she'll have looking at those when she's 30!