Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick Funny

Haley: "Mom!! Preston just said the F word! I told him not to say it and then he said it again a bunch more times!"

Mom: (!!?!?) "The F word? What did he say?"

Haley: "He keeps saying "fart" and he won't stop."

whew! Glad that's all it was! :)


Tera said...

My kids did that once with the "s" word. You know...stupid!

Katherine said...

Love it! My daughter came to me when she was very young and said my older son said the "S" word! I FREAKED out. Until I found out the S word was "stupid". Gotta love them!

Rachael M said...

FUNNY! Yes, that sounds familiar to me, too! Once when my visiting teacher was over, William told her he really liked "the bad words that start with 's' and 'b.'" She looked at me wide-eyed, until W continued, "Stupid and blockhead!" And he also liked the one that starts with 'h' -- you know, "hate." Thankfully, he doesn't know ANY of the words that she might have thought he meant!