Monday, April 5, 2010

Bedtime Snuggles

We've been working harder at getting all the kids to sleep in their own beds. Haley does great. If she wakes in the night, she'll come over to me and ask for a hug, but then go right back to bed and back to sleep.

Preston tends to have nightmares and if he wakes up with one, he wants to be in our bed. We'll usually end up letting him sleep at the bottom of our bed.

Brekken sleeps fine in his crib as long as he doesn't realize he's in there. If he wakes up and finds himself in the crib, he will cry and cry until he's set free. So on those nights he ends up sleeping between us in the bed.

I really enjoy the nights when Aaron & I get the bed to ourselves. We don't have to fight to pull blankets away from the kids. We're able to move around without someone laying on our feet or shoving us out of the bed. It's nice.

But when they end up in bed with us, it's kind of nice too. There's something about that little hand on your arm. The warm baby snuggled against your back. The head cuddled up to your feet. It's sweet to know that you are so loved that they need to touch you, even when they're sleeping.

And I try to remember that even when I'm being elbowed in the head or kicked in the kidneys. :D

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Tera said...

Opposition in all things! I love, too, being able to be kid free in my bed. Yet, those times that I am snuggling little bodies is so precious. Someday, they won't snuggle with us anymore and I'm willing to bet money we'll miss it!