Thursday, April 8, 2010

Signs of Spring

Spring is here! Sure, we had 3 inches of snow yesterday, but that's part of spring around here. Today it's a lovely 60 degrees and sunny and it feels like spring. Some other signs of spring that I've noticed in the last few days...

The birds are singing. Some people would call that nature's beautiful music. Personally, I referred to it as, "Will someone PLEASE turn off that stupid toy?!? It's driving me nuts!" Then I was informed that the noise was actually coming from a bird outside our window. Oops. It was beautiful. Really.

The pollen count is climbing. Not one of my favorite signs of spring, but one that comes around every year. The pollen count grows and my eyes itch and my nose runs. A sure sign that spring is on its way!

People are eating on the restaurant patio. Sure, they're still wearing their hoodies and they shiver when a breeze blows over them, but there's sunshine darn it! That must mean it's time to move from the indoor dining room to the patio area! Personally, I don't see the appeal of dining al fresco when the patio area is right next to a parking lot and a fairly busy road. But at the restaurant down the street from my office, it's very popular. People venturing onto the patio for lunch is a sure sign of spring.

The garage door is creeping open. I can judge the temperature in the mornings by the position of the neighbor's garage door. They are up and having a smoke in the garage in the morning when I leave for work. In the winter, the garage is closed up tight and I can only see the light from the windows to know that they are there. As spring approaches, the garage door starts to open a little at a time. It was open about a foot this morning. By next week - when we are supposed to have temperatures in the high 70s - the door will probably be open about halfway. Once summer arrives, it's open all the way so that they can wave to everyone on the street as they head off for the day.

So though it was hard to believe it yesterday... and even a bit this morning when I shivered my way to work (because I wore a skirt and short-sleeved blouse even though it was 30 degrees - because it's spring, darn it!) spring is definitely here!


Tera said...

Isn't spring the absolute best! I love watching the rebirth of all the trees, grass and flowers. I love that the mornings are still a little crisp but by afternoon it's warm enough to shed the jacket. Aahh, it can't come soon enough.

Melissa said...

Few things make me as happy as when I hear birds singing. And few things make me as sad as when my boys cannot breathe at all thanks to intense hay fever.

Here's to Spring!