Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I hate to pack

Our family loves road trips. Neither Aaron nor I likes to fly, so we would always rather load the kids into the van and head off down the road. I enjoy seeing new places and doing new things.

But I hate to pack. It's not that it's hard, but once you're packing for 5 people it's time consuming and tedious. And then once you get it all packed inside, you have to haul it all out to the van and find spots for it all. This bag can go in the back because we won't need it until we get there. But that bag needs to be up front where I can reach it while we drive. And this bag should be where the kids can reach it. And be sure the diaper bag is somewhere I can find it. And don't forget blankets for the kids to use on the drive. And what about the computer so the kids can watch a movie along the way. And we'd better be sure we have plenty of snacks so we don't have to stop to eat every ten minutes. And wait... did we leave any room for people in this vehicle?

So I suppose that explains that despite my best intentions, I've procrastinated with the packing again. I did all the laundry in the house over the weekend so that I could start packing on Saturday instead of leaving it to the last minute (as I usually do). That didn't happen.

I thought I would do a little packing Sunday evening. Especially once Aaron reminded me that the Glee season premier was Tuesday night, and he didn't think I would want to be trying to pack while watching that. (He was right!) But somehow I didn't manage to do any packing.

So on Monday I was really motivated - I would go home from work and pack everything. By the time Aaron got home from work there would be a neat pile of bags by the door just ready and waiting for time to go. But by the time I got home from work, I wasn't feeling well. And the kids wanted dinner. And so I put it off until a little later. And then it was time to get everyone ready for bed. And then it was time for my other favorite TV show (Big Bang Theory), so I put it off a little longer. And then Brekken fell asleep on my lap. And then it was 11:00 p.m. And so I still didn't get anything packed!

So tonight's the night. I don't really have much choice, since we're headed out first thing tomorrow morning. I will go straight home from work and start packing!!

Except... I did promise Haley I would take her to the library after work tonight. And I guess the kids will want to eat again. And there's that season premier of Glee to watch. It could be pretty late tonight before the packing is done!

And let's not talk about how long it will take me to unpack once we get home! ;)


Tera said...

I'm the type of person that sits down with a piece of paper and pen and writes down EVERY single thing I'll need for a trip, down to how many pairs of socks we should take, making sure there are matching hair bows, and whatever particulars we might need for the entire trip. As time consuming packing is I'd SO much rather pack than unpack. I hate unpacking and all that it means. It means Loads and loads and loads of laundry. It means getting back into a routine, it means our fun trip that we'd planned and looked forward to is now over and now what? Yeah, I'd rather pack than unpack. Hope you enjoy your trip! Where are you going?

taradon said...

I agree with all of that, Tera! We're going to Oklahoma City. Aaron is going on business and we're tagging along. We're going to go out and play during the day while Aaron is in meetings. :)

Tera said...

So jealous!

Cara said...

I hate packing, too. I always stress about what to pack. Are we gonna need warm clothes? Cool clothes? Shoes and socks or just sandals? I know I'm gonna forget something! Unpacking sucks, too. Hope you have a great time.