Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Like a Sieve

That's what my memory is like these days. Full of holes that just let my thoughts slip away. I try to remind myself of things I need to do, and then forget. Yesterday I walked to the supply cabinet three different times... and then stood staring into it as I tried to recall what I was there for. (I did finally grab the push pins I needed on my 3rd trip.)

I have all these little tricks to try and help myself remember things.

I set reminders on my computer. Actually, I'd be really lost without my Outlook calendar. It has everything from business meetings to appointments for my kids to reminders of people I need to call (work and personal) to lists of things I need to get done. So that helps while I'm at work. But then I have to go home where there is no Outlook to remind me any more.

So I write myself notes. I have a couple of whiteboards and pads of sticky notes. I stick notes to the door with magnets. But then I shove the note in a pocket and forget to read it. Or I remember that there's a note written on the whiteboard but can't remember what it says.

I call myself often. I leave messages on my home phone or work phone about things I need to remember. Like, "Don't forget to pay the water bill before it's late!" (After hearing the message, I often write myself a note about it... you know how well that works.) But leaving a message only works if you can keep the thought in your head long enough to dial and leave a message. Here is the actual transcript of the message waiting for me on my work phone this morning:

"Oh shoot. ... I forgot what I was calling about. ... What was it? ... I can't remember! ... long pause ... I needed to call... someone. ... Or was I going to look something up online? ... Darn it!"


Mistaken said...

HAHAHAHAHA That is soo funny. I use the calendar on my cell phone because I always carry that with me in my pocket.

Druciana said...

I am forgetful a lot, too! I blame the kids...

Tera said...

Ok, that is just straight funny!

Maybe it's the fourth child? I have completely lost my mind too, and I used to pride myself on my memory.

This loss of memory is serving my husband though, and he's enjoying not being in trouble nearly as much. I'll have to start leaving myself notes and messages to remind me why I'm supposed to be mad at him!