Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A sister in our ward is about to have a baby any day now. I've been watching her updates on facebook as she hopes each string of contractions will turn into real labor. And it really makes me think about the last time I was in that situation. I swear that it doesn't seem long ago at all. How can it have been nine months already since Rylen was born? Probably because he's my last, but I want him to stay my baby for a little longer. While I love watching him learn to explore and enjoy the world around him, I already miss the days when he just wanted to snuggle with me all the time.

When I mentioned my feelings to Aaron, he said he's been doing a lot of thinking lately, too. Specifically, he's been thinking about some dear friends who lost their baby at 8 months. Ever since Rylen hit that age and then moved beyond, Aaron's been thinking a lot about what we would have missed if we were in our friends' situation. And of course, now I can't help but think about it, too. It makes our hearts ache again for our friends and makes us feel even more grateful to have our sweet boy. (And our other children, too, of course!)


Heidi said...

and I am sure that woman is ME!!! HAHA!!
Its amazing the impressions we feel when we have friends that go through such tramatic things.
I am just happy that this baby is healthy and hoping that he comes sooner than later :)

taradon said...

hehe - Of course it is you, Heidi! :) Also hoping for your sake that he comes sooner rather than later!