Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stealth Dating

Yesterday's post about stealth crawling reminded me of another stealthy activity - stealth dating. When Aaron first moved to Colorado, he employed stealth dating techniques for a while.

To catch you up - Aaron and I actually met in college. We worked together for a couple of years, but never dated. After grad school, I moved to Provo, then California, and then Colorado. Aaron moved to Iowa to go to grad school and after finishing grad school moved to Colorado. He sent out one of those mass emails that you do when you're updating your contact info.

So I was living in Littleton when I got the email saying that Aaron was moving to Greeley. We hadn't been in touch in a few years, but I sent him a quick note to let him know I was in (kind of) the same area and we should meet for lunch and catch up at some point. A few weeks later he was in my neighborhood, gave me a call, and came over to my apartment to say hi and catch up.

After that, we ended up just spending quite a bit of time together. Not really doing anything date-like, just hanging out. It was time for the summer Olympics, and Aaron didn't have a TV. So he would come down to my place to watch. Greeley to Littleton is about a 60 mile drive... so I'm sure he could have found a TV closer to his own apartment if he'd really wanted to. :)

I remember my friends kept asking me about Aaron. "You're sure spending a lot of time together. Are you dating?" And I would respond... "I don't know." Aaron later informed me that we were in fact dating - he was stealth-dating. Hanging out and being friends without the pressure of official dates until we were so used to being together that it was only natural to be a couple.

Sounds strange - but obviously it worked... we got married about six months after Aaron moved to Colorado. And still going strong 10 years later. :)

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Tera said...

Loved that story and getting to know you a little better!