Monday, August 22, 2011


Surplus [sur-pluhs]: an amount, quantity, etc., greater than needed.

That's a good description of the grocery situation at my house right now. Which is certainly better than the opposite! But wasn't exactly what I had planned.

I like to use King Sooper's HomeShop service because I can create a shopping list online and then King Soopers will gather everything up and deliver it to me. Believe me, that $10 delivery fee is totally worth it to avoid dragging four kids through the store with me - especially on a big shopping trip.

So I created a (rather extensive, because we were out of everything) shopping list and set up a delivery for Saturday. Then I ended up with time to do an actual shopping trip on Thursday. I used my online shopping list as a reference and went to the store to buy all the things on my HomeShop order. After which, I cancelled the order and the scheduled delivery.

At least, I though I had. Right up until Haley looked out the window on Saturday morning and said: "King Soopers is here."

They certainly were. There with my entire order - that I had already bought. So now I had doubles of everything. 10 pounds of flour... make that 20. 5 pounds of rice... now it's 10 pounds. A gallon of milk... drink fast, because we've got two gallons to get through. 10 frozen meals for work... I've got 20 now, so I'm set for the month. 20 tubes of Go-Gurt... eat up kids! Because I ordered more than I ended up buying in person and we now have more like 60 or 70 tubes.

It was quite a challenge to find room for all this in my over-crowded pantry, fridge, and freezer. And an unexpected hit to my grocery budget. But on the plus side, I'm stocked up on everything now. I can make a lot of bread with 20 pounds of flour. And my kids go through the Go-Gurt like nobody's business, so I'm sure it will get eaten. And since I had to pull everything out of the pantry, fridge and freezer and reorganize to fit everything in, everything looks nice and tidy and organized for the moment.

If only I had ordered more Pepsi... that's something I would definitely like to have in surplus!

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