Friday, August 12, 2011

Picnic Fun

Yesterday was the Nurse-Family Partnership company picnic. I've worked at plenty of places in the past where social events are awkward and irritating - just one more thing keeping you late at the office instead of home with your family. But at NFP, we know how to have a fun party!

For one thing, families were invited, so Aaron and the kids and I headed off to the park. It was a beautiful park full of big trees to create plenty of shade on a hot day. We got there just in time for some great BBQ. Then a couple of people pulled out the water guns.

It was really Tom (our CEO) and Kammie (our COO) who started the water fight. And when Preston saw the water guns, he wanted in on it. He ran right over and asked if he could have one. Kammie quickly gave him a great big water gun and said to him: "You see that man in the blue hat? (Tom, the CEO) Get him!"

And Preston took that as his personal mission - every time Tom turned around, there was Preston, squirting him again! The first couple of times, he didn't know how to react. After all, water battle etiquette says you should shoot back - but it's this tiny little boy... Finally, Tom squirted Preston back, Preston laughed and thought it was funny, and it was all good. I did eventually have to tell Preston to stop stalking Tom and squirt someone else. So he chose to go after Kammie instead! Haley and Brekken got in on the fun as well, and everyone (including me and Aaron - unarmed bystanders) got plenty wet. At one point, Brekken took off and started squirting everyone in sight... including several people who were not with our group, they just happened to be at the park. Oops!

There were also a couple of piƱatas, a playground, a dog to play with, lots of grassy open space to run around... it was just a really good time. The kids didn't fight like they usually do - my co-workers are now under the impression that I have very well-behaved children. :)

The picnic was topped off by  a visit from the Cupcake Truck! The company paid for the Cupcake Truck to come over and hand out cupcakes to everyone. Yum!


Tera said...

Love the cupcake truck! Who doesn't love cupcakes! and I totally understand what you mean by appreciating that your kids didn't fight. Sometimes I seriously think there is something wrong with my kids...that they aboslutely hate each other because they fight ALL THE TIME. I'm grateful for those moments too when my kids put on a good show for other people and I don't have to walk away with my head hung low. I've given many a lectures to my kids before going places about not embarrassing me. I'm glad your kids behaved, but I have to say....I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Melissa said...

Looks like a great time for everyone!