Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Proud of My Mom

A friend of mine (actually a couple of them, but one in particular I was talking to) is going to school right now. She also has a job and has kids to take care of. We were talking about how hard it can be to find time for school in the middle of all that. I was offering her what encouragement I could, and it made me think about my mom.

My mom didn't start college until I was in middle school. She took classes at night - often having to drive to the next town (30 minutes away) to attend classes. While she was doing this, she was also working and taking care of 6 children. I know it had to be very hard. Sometimes it must have seemed like she would never be finished with school. But she kept working and working until she finished her Bachelor's degree!

That was actually an incredible day... on the same day, in the same ceremony, my brother received his Associate's degree, Mom got her Bachelor's degree, and I got my Master's degree. That is not a family event many people can brag about! We have a joint graduation announcement for the three of us that is a special keepsake for me.

Even after finishing her Bachelor's degree, Mom wasn't done. She kept working and going to school for several more years until she eventually received her Master's degree. At that point, she was teaching some of the same classes that she had taken as a student. What a huge thing that was...

I'm so proud of my mom for all her hard work and everything she did to get her education. The effort she put into getting her education all those years really helped me to realize how important it was to work hard at my own schooling. I'm not sure if I ever told Mom how proud I am - so just in case...

Mom, you are incredible! You are a great example. I have bragged about you a lot over the years when I tell people how hard you worked for your education!


Druciana said...

Wow! That is incredible. I am going to have to remember you mom as I try to get going on my new adventure in life.
btw...might I know said frind who is starting school and a full time job recently with kids? hmmm
I'm glad that my classes are online so that I don't have to juggle going to too many places. That would take more commitment than I think I have right now.

taradon said...

Actually, Druciana, the friend I was talking to lives back in Utah... But like I mentioned, I do happen to have a couple of friends in that particular situation right now! =)