Monday, August 24, 2009

Sending Haley Off to School

Today was Haley's first day of school. She spent all weekend looking forward to it and asking how much longer it was until Monday. This morning she hurried through breakfast so she could put on the new outfit she'd picked out for the first day of school. She looked so cute!

We took her over to the kindergarten and dropped her off. She started to act a little nervous when we started to leave, but the teacher's aide was right there and took her aside to stash her backpack and usher her over to the playground. So we left. There were other parents there waiting to watch the kids all go in to the classroom once the bell rang. But from experience with Haley I've learned that she actually does better with stuff like this if we're NOT there. So we headed home.

Of course, I do have the cell phone with me every minute of the day, just in case they need to call me. =)

Today will be her first day of kindergarten, her first time eating in the school lunchroom, and her first day at PAWS (the afterschool program). I can't wait to pick her up tonight and hear how it all went!


Mistaken said...

I think dropping off your child and then leaving right away sends the message that you are confident in their abilities to handle their day. They know you believe in them and it will make them believe in themselves.

Tera said...

Your first baby to go to kindergarten! Wonderful!

Melissa said...

It is such a big event, the first day of kindergarten! Can't wait to hear how it went.