Monday, August 10, 2009

Rocks, a Picnic & More Rocks

Aaron stays home with the kids on Fridays. As I was finishing up at work, I called Aaron to tell him I was going to stop at the store on the way home, so I'd be a little late. He told me not to hurry - because he and the kids were in Buena Vista. (About 3 hours southwest of home.) Apparently, they had quite the day. They first went up in the mountains to Leadville to visit a rock shop there. Then after spotting a flyer about a rock show in Buena Vista, headed down there to check it out. Unfortunately, by the time they got there it was too late and the rock show was closing down for the night. The kids love rocks almost as Aaron, so they were all quite disappointed by that.

On Saturday, Aaron took a few hours off work so we could goto the annual summer picnic for Nurse-Family Partnership (where I work). It was held at a park up in Conifer and it was a beautiful area. Of course, we made the mistake of telling the kids we were going to a park for the picnic, so they were very disappointed when we got there and they discovered there was no playground. Without a playground, it doesn't really qualify as a park, apparently! But we'd brought the ball-catching game I made from milk-cartons, so they enjoyed playing that. They also did some sidewalk chalk drawing, played some soccer, danced the hokey-pokey (as did Mommy) and ate a lot of really good food!

Sunday, it was back to the rock show in Buena Vista. Aaron & the kids were disappointed enough by missing out on Friday, that I was convinced to go back on Sunday. So we drove to Buena Vista and looked at rocks. It was pretty warm, but at least there was a good breeze to cool it off a little. Aaron, Haley, & Preston really enjoyed the rock show and all of them got some rocks that they will add to their collections. Brekken and I were just kind of along for the ride. But I'm sure that in a couple of years, Brekken will be right there collecting rocks with the rest of them! (I will still just be along for the ride - it's just not my thing - but I like seeing the rest of them enjoy the rock shows!)


Tera said...

what a funny thing to enjoy...a rock show? Maybe they should have taken Ethan. He loves rocks!

Mistaken said...

That's cool. My kids always have to get a bag of rocks from the museum gift shop. I also have a collection of feathers that my youngest collects for me.