Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Next time, we'll just eat in...

Last night was a good reminder of why we rarely go out to eat these days. We had a really nice ($50) gift certificate to Rodizio Grill. Originally, I had planned to get a sitter at some point and then Aaron and I could just go out together and enjoy an evening out. But time got away from me and suddenly we realized we HAD to use the gift certificate in the next couple of days or it would expire and be worthless. We didn't want to waste it, so we decided to go out on a Tuesday night. Unfortunately, that's a school night, so I figured our babysitting options were limited. We decided to take the kids with us.

Aaron got off work a little early so we could get there at a reasonable time (so as to not keep OUR kids out too late on a school night). Luckily, Rodizio is family-friendly. The hostess didn't bat an eye when we walked in with the three kids, just asked how many high-chairs and boosters we would need. And the waiters were very sweet and all checked in with the "little guys" frequently to make sure they had what they needed.

Haley did great. She went to the salad bar with Aaron and picked out what she wanted calmly and with no drama. Then she came back and ate the things she had picked. When the waiters came around with the various meats on skewers, Haley carefully picked the things she wanted, asked politely, and ate. Again, no drama and very well-behaved. We were really proud of her.

Brekken did as well as could be expected for his age. He made a bit of a mess (we always up the tip a little to try and make up for that), and banged his silverware a time or two, but mostly did very well. We'll overlook the fact that he dumped most of a cup of water down his shirt.

Preston, on the other hand... started off the evening by deciding he didn't want to follow the hostess to the table. He collapsed on the floor and started crying. Aaron was already almost to the table with Haley and Brekken, so I had to pick up Preston and get him to the table. (Oh, my back!) Then I went with Preston to the salad bar, where he refused every single thing I offered him, then again threw himself on the floor to cry because there were no drinks at the salad bar. I managed to coax him off the floor and put a few things on a plate for him and we went back to the table. Where he refused to eat any of it. He stood on his chair. Jumped out of his chair. Hid under the table. Sat on the windowsill. Tried to stand on the windowsill. Tried to wander away from the table. Cried. Shouted. Whined. Spilled his drink. Dropped his silverware. Made his brother cry. Made his sister cry. Almost made his mother cry. He finally ate some watermelon, grilled pineapple and a bit of pork roast, but certainly not enough to justify his $6 dinner price.

After looking forward to going out for this meal for (literally) months, I really didn't enjoy it at all. I was so occupied trying to keep Preston under control so he didn't ruin the evening for everyone around us that I didn't get to enjoy my own meal. :(

I know everyone talks about the Terrible Twos, but I have to say that for me, age three is a lot harder to deal with than age two!


Tera said...

Three year olds can be very challenging. We have had meals like that way too often to mention. JP used to complain about the cost of a babysitter, but I always would remind him that for the price of the kids dinners we could pay for a babysitter and then actually enjoy or meal. So sorry you didn't have a better time...I totally understand.

Mistaken said...

I agree. Three years old is much more difficult to handle. BTW, that's why they invented Mcdonalds.

Druciana said...

I totally agree! Two seems so easy compared to three.

Melissa said...

Yes, I think most of my friends - and myself - agree that 3 brings more attitude and challenge.

Serenity73 said...

terrible twos...BAH! They only say that because they repress that third year COMPLETELY :-)