Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So tiny...

  • My new niece is so tiny. I mean, she's actually a pretty good size for being 5 weeks early, but at 5 lbs 10 oz (as of Saturday), she is just so much tinier than any of my big 8 lb babies! The tiny preemie-size clothes are drowning her. But she's adorable.
  • My new nephew was tiny until my niece was born! At 11 lbs, he's still pretty tiny. And definitely as adorable as my niece (love those chubby cheeks!). But compared to Abi, Kyron suddenly seemed so big. :D

  • I flew home yesterday and the airport was tiny. When we pulled up out front, I asked: "Is this the car rental counter?" "It's the airport." "All of it?" Basically just one big room where you check in, wait for the plane, and then walk through another tiny room that is what passes for the security check and out the door to walk across the tarmac and get on the plane. Quite the change from DIA! We left the house at 3:10 to catch my 3:50 flight... and were still plenty early!

  • The airplane was also very tiny. 19 seats total. 1 row on each side. This is the only plane I've ever been on where you actually have a wheel-well hump (like in the back seat of a car) that you have to climb over as you walk down the aisle!

  • The trip was tiny, too. Only an hour to fly home, compared to 6+ hours to make the drive. What wasn't tiny was my excitement at seeing Aaron and the kids again! It was a very happy moment for me.
  • There's just a TINY bit of disappointment that they managed so well without me. I came home to a house that was cleaner than I left it, laundry done that I have managed to avoid for weeks, and kids who didn't seem to miss me much at all. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that they did so well while I was gone... but a tiny part of me is sad that they don't need me more than that! :D


Tera said...

I hope you enjoyed your time away and the time you were able to spend with your family. Did seeing those tiny babies make you want another one at all? Glad you made it home safely!

taradon said...

It did make me a bit baby-hungry, I must admit! I'll have to lie down and see if the urge passes... ;)

Melissa said...

Very clever post in a BIG way. :) Glad you were able to be there to help, glad you are home to a happy and well-cared for family.

Cara said...

Tiny babies are so precious! I love them. Tiny airplanes freak me out!