Thursday, September 24, 2009

Preston's new favorite saying...

"What a heck?"

I'm not sure where he learned it... do I really say "What the heck?" that often? Maybe I do. Or maybe he got it from daycare. (I always assume that he learns these things at daycare. ;) )

At any rate, he uses it constantly.

"It's time for dinner." "What a heck?"
"Turn off the computer." "What a heck?"
"Let's get ready for bed." "What a heck?"
{can't find the toy he's looking for} "What a heck?"
{hears a car honking} "What a heck?"

I didn't count, but I must have heard that phrase more than a dozen times yesterday... and that was just between daycare pick-up and bedtime! Makes me laugh every time.


Druciana said...

LOL! It could be worse.

Tera said...

Isn't it great when we can laugh at those kinds of things and find the humor in them! Sounds so cute.