Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Posts: Day 23

Day 23 - A picture of something that embarrasses you.

*sigh* Thank you cards. They seem so simple. Someone does something nice or gives you a gift and you respond by writing a little note to thank them. Actually, that part is simple for me. It's actually GETTING the card to the person I want to thank that poses a problem.

When Aaron and I got married, I carefully completed all the thank you notes. I personlized them with a little line about the gift we'd been given. I placed them all in envelopes. I just needed to address them and fill them out. And then they sat there. And sat there. I kept meaning to get back to them. And somehow I never did. We had been married about 8 years when I realized that I still had those notes sitting there waiting to be addressed and mailed. I gave in to the shame and threw them out.

Recently, I had lots of people doing nice things for me again. While I was on bed rest, quite a few people in the ward brought over meals. My friend gave a little shower shortly after Rylen was born and people gave me gifts. And I carefully wrote out a thank you card for every one of these people. This time I put them in envelopes and wrote names on the front - thinking we could just hand-deliver them. Eventually I wrote addresses on some envelopes, thinking that I would go ahead and mail them after all. And now, Rylen is 4 months old and I still have all those thank you notes sitting in a neat pile waiting to be delivered.

What do I do now? Do I add a little note on the back of the envelope explaining that I meant to send it earlier? Do I send it without explanation? Do I (and this seems the most likely) keep forgetting to do anything with them until I reach the point of absolute ridiculousness?

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Rachael M said...

I say, send them! I sent most of my wedding gift thank you notes about a year after we were married-- partly because of the guilt I felt, and partly because I figure a late thank you is better than no thank you. Actually, if you're still thankful months or years later, doesn't that mean you're REALLY grateful? ;-)