Friday, April 15, 2011

Rylen's Blessing & Vacation Time

It took me a while to get to this, but I had to finish up the 30 day blog challenge first. ;) So here is a collection of picture from our vacation in Vernal. I started out the week with big plans to take the kids to the dinosaur quarry and the natural history museum and other stuff... we didn't manage to do most of it. The time just went by too quickly! But we had a great time just hanging out with the family.
My grandparents and my parents in the picture with us. Yes, Haley is crying in this picture. She was upset over something, so she sobbed through most of the photos.

Aaron's parents and his sister were able to come out for the blessing, too. It was so nice to be able to have them all there. (Notice that by this point we gave up on trying to have Haley in the photos.)

I felt like I'd better share one picture with Haley smiling. All the kids love hanging out with Uncle Brian. They actually have 2 Uncles Brian... my brother and my brother-in-law. This confuses the kids a little - as evidenced by the time that Haley and Preston tried to explain to Aaron's parents that my sister Melissa was married to my brother Brian! We were quick to clarify that while I do have a brother named Brian, he is married to Michelle, not Melissa. Melissa is married to a completely unrelated Brian. :D

A nice picture of the star of the day... Rylen in his sweet blessing outfit. We were relieved that it still fit him, since he was 4 months old by the time he was blessed. (The other boys were not that old when they wore the outfit.)

While we were there, I took the kids out to roam around in my Grandpa's fields. I grew up running wild in those fields every day. We would hang out in the gulch, play on the rope swing, play at the pond, pick watercress from the creek, pick asparagus along the fences, play on the hay piles in the corral, stomp out "rooms" in the tall hay (we got in trouble for that one, actually), run from the cows (there was a cow named "Hot Dog" who did NOT like us and would chase us whenever she saw us in her fields)... so many fun memories! And in all these years, I've never managed to take the kids out to play in the fields. For that matter, I've never taken Aaron out there, either! So I finally got them all out into the fields and the kids had a ball. They loved roaming around out there. We didn't go see all the places I used to play - Grandpa has 80 acres, so it's a lot of ground to cover! But hopefully we'll have a chance to do it again soon so I can take them to more of the fun spots in the fields.

Preston in his leather "rock star jacket," as he calls it. He is VERY proud of that jacket.

We went to the park one afternoon with most of the cousins - my brother Brian was not in town, so his two kids were not there. But we had all the other cousins there. What a crew! Here are all the grandkids with grandma (my mom).

Two of my sisters - Melissa and Sarah - with their kids. I loved spending time with them during the visit! The girls and I had fun hanging out and playing Wii Tetris with mom.

No big story with this picture... I just think it's very cute! Brekken in his "Grandpa hat." Which means any hat he has stolen from one of his grandpas.

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