Monday, February 3, 2014

Call Me Bubba

We are in the habit of calling all of our kids by various nicknames. For instance, Haley is also known as Hays, Hazy, Haybee, Missy, Sissy, or WaKeeny (long story). Preston might be called Press, Presto, Ky (for his middle name Kyler), or Potawatomi (again, long story). Brekken becomes Brek, Brekki, Brekster... You get the idea.

So one of the nicknames we use for Rylen is Bubba. It evolved from Baby, which we called him when he was (not surprisingly) a baby. As he got older, we didn't feel like we should keep calling him Baby, and it became Bubba. But he's also Ry, Ry-Ry, Rys... I don't think that Bubba is used all that more often than any other.

But lately Rylen has really latched on to Bubba. To the point that if we call him Rylen, he gets red in the face and angry and insists, "No! I Bubba!"

Yesterday after church I asked him if he had fun in his class. With a very sad face, he informed me that: "My teacher not call me Bubba."

And last night I checked on him while he was sleeping, only to hear him murmur: "You call me Bubba."

So for now, I guess we'll be calling him Bubba. :)

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Mistaken said...

Awww, I'll be sure to remember that. But keep me informed if it changes...