Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quick Funnies From Preston

Preston had seen a short cooking segment on Disney channel about artichokes and really wanted to try them. We bought some artichokes for him and he tried them: "It's good!" he exclaimed. But he didn't want another bite. And he went away to the other room for a few minutes. Then he came back out to confess to his Dad: "I don't really like them. But don't worry, I still love you even though you like artichokes and I don't."

Aaron assured him that it was fine if he didn't like artichokes and agreed that they could still love each other even without a shared love of artichokes.


We were watching Olympic curling with the kids and explaining things when they got confused. Preston is still figuring out the rules of the sport (frankly, so am I - every time I think I understand it, something happens to confuse my understanding) so he asks a lot of questions.

When they paused for a time out he asked: "What did they do wrong? Did they break a rule?"

We were confused by the question and asked him for explain what he meant.

"They're in time out... what did they do wrong?"

LOL - This child is a bit too familiar with time outs. :D


"Momma... I like that you're... I don't want to say it. It might make you feel bad..."

I assured him he could go ahead and say what he wanted to say.

"I like it that you're, you know, really kind of fat. Because it means you give good squishy hugs."


I was talking to Haley and described a woman in our ward as an "older woman" and Preston wanted more information.

"So is she kinda old like you? Or is she super old like Grandma?"

He backpedaled a little when he saw my face and tried to explain "Well, not super old like ready to die. Just really a lot, lot older than me."  

Somehow that didn't really make it sound better.


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Mistaken said...

Hahaha, love your kids!