Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mr. Lopart Loves His Mother

In our continuing series on Handy Manny Meets the Real World, let's discuss Mr. Lopart. Specifically his mother issues.

This guy loves his mother. I mean he REALLY loves his mother. Any episode featuring Mr. Lopart is sure to include at least one reference to his mother. He is still trying to prove himself to his mother. He constantly searches for his mother's approval. And he seems to spend all his spare time with his mother. He goes to her house for dinner. He and his mother celebrate the cat's birthday together. He can't stand it when Mrs. Lopart wants Manny to come help her with something. Mr. Lopart's only long-term relationships are with his mother and his cat. On Valentine's Day, he mentions that he will not be going to the town's Valentine's Day party because he'll be spending the evening with "the most important lady in my life. Mother."

It's all a little creepy. A few years down the road, and I think we're heading into "Psycho" territory...

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MJ said...

I'm so loving the commentary! Handy Manny drives me CRAZY!