Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quick Funny from Rylen

I love it when little kids mispronounce words. It's so cute. I rarely correct them because I just find it adorable and actually miss it once they learn to say the words correctly.

Right now, Rylen says "chicken" when he means "kitchen." The other kids have corrected him often enough that sometimes he tries really hard to pronounce "kitchen" but it usually still sounds like "chicken."

Which is why he ran through the kitchen a few minutes ago squealing with laughter and came over to tell me that he and Lucy (the cat) were playing a game.

"Lucy chase me through the chicken!!"

Teasing just a little bit, I said: "The chicken! Really?!?"

Knowing what I meant, he tried to say "kitchen" instead.

"Lucy chase me through the chi... the chi... the kich... Lucy chase me through the living room!" 


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