Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V is for... Violet?

Violet? Or maybe it's mauve? (I've never been really clear on what color mauve is. And do you say it \mohv\ with a long O or \mawv\? I don't know that either.)

It could be puce. I really don't know what color puce is. (What a horrible name for a color, though. Puce. Puce. Definitely doesn't sound like anything I'd want on my walls.)

I don't think it's lavender... maybe lilac?

This was running through my head this morning as I looked at my bathroom walls. Why? Because two nights ago I got Brekken settled with a bedtime snack of yogurt and told him to go use the potty when he was done. I took my attention off him for just a few minutes. Just long enough to change Rylen's diaper and get him into his pajamas for bedtime. I saw that Brekken was not at the table anymore, but (foolishly) assumed he had just finished his yogurt and was following instructions to go use the potty.

Of course it was nothing so well-behaved. When I headed back to the bedroom to check on everyone, I discovered that Brekken had taken his yogurt to the bathroom with him. And his spoon. And had then decided to use his spoon (Angry Birds-style) to launch spoonfuls of yogurt onto the bathroom walls, cabinets, and floor.

Something in my expression (red-faced astonishment with a touch of rage?) must have tipped him off that this was not acceptable behavior. Because he quickly pitched the yogurt in the trash and tried to start cleaning up... by grabbing my good feather duster, dipping it in the water of the toilet, and beginning to swab the floors and walls.

This was less than successful in calming me down. I was definitely in ORANGE territory on the Mommy Advisory System.

courtesy of Rants from Mommyland
I attempted to clean up and disinfect quickly so I could get them all to bed before I reached the RED zone. But in my hurry, I must have overlooked a couple (or several) spots.
Which led to this morning, when I noticed the spots while getting ready for work. And realized, really, they're a very nice color. A very pale, purple-ish/pink-ish kind of color that actually goes very nicely with the Monet Water Lilies print hanging on the wall next to the spots. In fact, I think my whole bathroom would look lovely if the dingy white paint was replaced with this lovely shade. I wonder if Home Depot can color-match mixed berry yogurt?