Thursday, March 13, 2014

Handy Manny Sees You When You're Sleeping

So Handy Manny ended up staying the night at Abuelito's one night. Here's the first issue...

Seriously, he even SLEEPS in that hat? Is he bald and trying to hide it? Or maybe it's his version of a security blanket?

Also... notice that he has carefully tucked his tools into bed with him, complete with their own pillow and blanket. You know, just like any 8-year-old girl would do with her toys.

But then the topper was later in the night, when Manny and the tools heard snoring and decided to go take a peek at a sleeping Abuelito.

Imagine the distress to wake up suddenly to find your slightly mental grandson watching you sleep; tools in hand.

Because even though in this picture the tools are there peeking in the doorway on their own, based on the theory that Manny is the one doing the voices and actions for the tools, what you would really see is this:

Nothing frightening about waking up to see a man staring at you while holding a hammer, right? Or maybe a pipe wrench. Or a saw.

Maybe Abuelito should lock the bedroom door next time Manny stays over.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Wet Brush

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Elliot is a Coloradan

Back to Handy Manny... since it's on right now and I'm procrastinating my actual work. ;)

I'm pretty sure that Kelly's brother Elliot a total stoner. I've seen quite a few episodes featuring Elliot lately, and it seems likely that he enjoys an occasional (frequent) joint.

Every episode featuring Elliot shows him as forgetful, slow reaction to situations, hungry (munchies?), and having conversations that make little sense. He also just has that kind of classic stoner look... the shaggy hair, baseball cap (worn backwards, of course), sloppy t-shirt and board shorts. (We're all too familiar with this look in Colorado, what with the pot enthusiasts being thick on the ground around here!)

According to WebMD:
"Effects of pot include:
  • Distorted sense of time (he asked Manny for a repair, and a few minutes later asked if it was done yet... before Manny even had a chance to start)
  • Paranoia (haven't seen that one... but maybe I missed that episode)
  • Magical or "random" thinking (he "organizes" things at Kelly's store according to some system that makes sense only to Elliot)
  • Short-term memory loss (whenever anyone asks him to do something, he seems to forget that he was going to take care of that... and conversations with him include him spacing out and forgetting or not understanding what others are talking about)
  • Anxiety and depression (he gets scared of situations, seemingly at random, so Manny has to get him out of it)
 I'm telling you, Elliot is enjoying Colorado's new marijuana laws. ;)