Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Live Rappers on Display

As I was listening to the radio this morning, I heard them advertising an educational event for kids this weekend that would feature "live rappers on display."

I immediately pictured various rappers standing around on low pedestals, with kids gathered around each display. I'm not quite sure what the educational topics might have been, but I imagine short seminars on topics like:
  • How to Choose Your Bling
  • Is a Grill Right for You?
  • Backwards or Sideways? How to Wear a Hat
  • How Low Can You Go? Tips for Not Losing Your Pants

The announcer continued talking about the upcoming event and mentioned how much kids love to "really check them out" and get a chance to "examine them close up."

More distubing images came to mind with this; most of all with the final promise that kids will be able to "even touch some of them, under a handler's supervision."

That just doesn't sound like a good idea, for any number of reasons. Quite a relief to hear them restate the name of the event at the end of the commercial and realize that it is featuring RAPTORS on display. No rappers involved as far as I can tell.