Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Haley Doesn't Like Options

I guess I didn't realize how often I do it, but I often present options to my kids. As in (a couple of recent examples):

"You can clean your room and earn the 50 cents that you wanted, or you can not clean your room and not get the 50 cents, or you can throw a fit about it and go to time out. Those are your options."


"You can eat your dinner and go play for a while before bedtime or you can decide not to eat and you can go to bed right now. Those are your options."

It normally works pretty well, which is why I keep doing it, I suppose. But the other night I presented a couple of options to Haley and she responded with, "I HATE it when you give me my options!" and stomped away.

Hmmmm.... I don't remember offering that as an option! =)


Druciana said...

I LOVE those options. I am going to have to steal that from you!

Jen G said...

We call ours choices. You have a choice. . . G will come up and ask what her choices are and if there are any more if she does not like them.

Mistaken said...

choices are always good. It makes them feel in control. Of, course, it does tend to backfire sometimes when they don't like either choice