Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Our anniversary was yesterday and we had a lovely snowstorm dump a foot of snow on us. We were thinking through it, and this is the third time (in 9 years) that we've gotten pretty significant snow on our anniversary causing problems with our plans. But luckily it was not as much snow as the year we ended up snowed in for days following a blizzard the day before our anniversary!

Since the day before yesterday it was 70 degrees, the roads were really warm. Most of the snow was melting as it hit the roads. We went ahead as planned and took the kids to the museum for the afternoon because the roads were pretty clear. We had a really nice time. By the time we headed home, the roads were really quite bad, though. We knew we wouldn't be able to make the 40 minute drive back downtown to go to the fancy restaurant where we had reservations. =(

But since we already had a babysitter lined up, we didn't want to waste the evening. So we went to a local place, since the roads in our neighborhood weren't too bad. It's really good food and we like it a lot... as evidence that we go there fairly often, one of the waitresses came over and asked us where the kids were! =)

So it was nice to have an evening out on our own anyway. We thought about going to a movie after, but there was nothing good playing. So we went to Target (woo! big exciting anniversary event!) and bought the first season of Glee on DVD because I've recently become obsessed with it.

Aaron wasn't much interested but for my sake agreed to watch with me. So we went home and the whole family snuggled up on the couch to watch several episodes. And for the record, Aaron agreed that it was a good show and was interested enough to discuss plot points with me as we were getting ready for bed.

Still hoping we can manage to get to the fancy restaurant at some point, but it was a wonderful anniversary anyway! Happy anniversary to my incredible husband. It's been a great 9 years and I'm looking forward to many, many more!!


Mistaken said...

Sounds great! At some point, when the kids are a little older you may be able to get away over night. Happy anniversary!

Heidi said...

happy Anniversary! Its so hard to make plans and have them ruined by the weather. But you did get to get out of the house!

Tera said...

Happy Anniversary! I think the longer JP and I are married too, the less exciting our anniversaries get. It's not because they aren't special (and especially so with how how the divorce rate is) and don't deserved to be celebrated, but because life is busy and life with kids takes presidence!

Melissa said...

Happy 9th! Yes, a March anniversary surely sets you up for many a snow interference, but it sounds like you made up for it. I'm always up for browsing Target!