Monday, March 15, 2010

I Love Daylight Savings Time!

Ah, finally back to Daylight Savings Time! I just love having that extra daylight at the end of the day. I'm thrilled that they shortened the amount of time we spend on standard time so we can spend more time on DST. I would be just as happy if they did away with standard time and left us on DST always.

Yes, I now go to work in the dark again. But I was doing that in the winter anyway, so it's not much of a change to go back to that. And truthfully, I kind of prefer it. It's easier to take a nap on the bus to work. People are quieter. The dark is conducive to napping. And there are enough streetlights on the route from bus stop to office building that I can (mostly) walk in the light once I'm off the bus.

But most importantly, now I have those extra daylight hours to spend with my kids at night! When we're on standard time, I pick up the kids at 6:00 and it's already dark or almost dark. We go straight home. The kids play in the playroom or at the computer for a bit, but it seems like almost immediately it's time for dinner and bedtime and I've hardly interacted with the kids at all. I know that's my own fault. But once we're home, it's so easy to send them off to play while I throw in a load of laundry or do something on the computer or even take a few minutes on the couch with a book.

Now that we're back to DST, the kids and I have plans for any evening with good weather. I pick them up from daycare and we head to the park. It's not always the same park - we like to switch it up and visit various playgrounds. We go have fun at the park for 30-60 minutes before heading home for a quick dinner and bedtime. I love it and so do they!

So hooray for Daylight Savings Time! I'm so glad it's here again. =)

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Tera said...

The first few days after the time switch are hard, getting everyone to adjust...but! I love DST too. I love the later evenings. It means spring is coming to which I love.