Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is Today the Warm Before the Storm?

We've watched the weather the last couple of nights and that's the phrase that the weatherman kept using.

"Enjoy these spring-like temperatures, folks, because this is the warm before the storm!"

So much hype about how this is going to be such a big storm. A possibility of 5-10 inches they claim. And:

"I don't want to use the b-word here just yet - but I think we just may see some blizzard-like conditions!"

Everything is said with big exclamation marks! They're positively giddy at the idea this could be a big storm! They kept talking it up on the radio this morning, too:

"You want to be sure you've stocked up on essentials at home! If this storm is as big as they think it will be, you could be snowed in for days!"

Hmmm... maybe. I did go through a quick mental check of the contents of my pantry and freezer, but I don't see running to the store to stock up. It seems like every time they hype up an incoming storm like this it fizzles out to practically nothing.

It's not that we CAN'T get big storms like this in March. In 2003 we had a March blizzard and we really were snowed in for days. I really only remember this because we were snowed in and didn't get to go out to celebrate our anniversary. But more often than not, the big storms they predict don't materialize... and then we get nailed with a big storm by surprise when they thought it wouldn't amount to much.

Then again... maybe all this cynicism about the weather predictions is just because I don't want to be snowed in for another anniversary! =)


Pam said...

Good luck with the weather forecast! And Happy Anniversary! I just checked the weather channel site and I want to know where this big snow storm is coming from. Because It looks pretty dang clear all around you. DO you just get these random pop up storms? Whacky!?!

taradon said...

We do actually get storms that come out of nowhere rather unexpectedly. This one is supposedly swinging down out of Canada I think. But you're right, one the current Doppler maps it looks incredibly clear and weather-free just now. Here's hoping it continues that way. (Or at least goes to rain and not snow!)

Melissa said...

I don't mind snow... in December or January. By March, I'm so over it. I vividly remember the March '03 blizzard, we spent the days stranded at home getting the nursery ready for Connor. Hoping tomorrow's is a big dud. Happy almost anniversary!